Friday, June 3, 2011

The Mac Flinn Mouse Family

Meet the MacFlynn Mouse family. They Live in the ole Homestead in the small village in a private home in Jolly old Scotland in an little village named Flinnaganville. This is the home of the Mac Flinn Family.

Here is Father MacFlynn. He is the protector and provider for the small but loving family.
And this is Mother MacFlynn. She is the keeper of the light and provides all the yummy food and cookies for Father and Baby MacFlynn.
And this adorable little girl is sweet Baby MacFlynn. She is wearing a warm chenille dress made by Mother MacFlynn
Father had a scarf made from a vintage chenille spread as is mother's night cap. Father has a nice warm wool sweater that Mother made for him and Mother is wearing a flannel gown adorned with a little vintage lace. Her's and Baby's body is made from vintage wool scrapes and all of their arms are poseable from the pipe cleaners inside the sleeves.
Each of the MacFlynn family of mice is for sale, individually  for $15.00 each + shipping or as a family for $40.00 + shipping.

The family homestead is lighted inside and is for sale at $45.00 + shipping.

If the whole set is purchased  together it will be
 $80.00 + shipping and handling.

Father MacFlynn $15.00

Mother MacFlynn $15.00

Baby MacFlynn $15.00

Family MacFlynn $40.00

Family Homestead $45.00

The whole Kit and Kabodle Family MacFlynn and Homestead
$80.00 + shipping

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