Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Goodies to wet your whistle

These are a few of my original creations up for adoption by you.
Browse around and if you have any questions feel free to contact me. You will find my email address in the side bar.
Take your time and browse around.

Loony Lucy
the loony bird.
Loony Lucy is just the sweetest little loony bird that will bring a smile to your face. She has a beautiful clam shell as a broach to hold her flannel shawl on her shoulder to keep her warm . She is adorned with a nice laurel wreath  around her head and her tail has a firm piece of a bendable metal plate to balance her heavy weighted bottom that is filled with cracked corn and acrylic batting. 
She stands 14" tall and 9" wide. 
$45.00 + shipping

Fuzzy Wazzy was a bear but we have 
Stitches, Miss Milly and Sinclair

Meet Sinclair the Love Bear

Sinclair is so soft and cuddly and lovable and just waiting for you to take him home
He is fully  jointed and his feet are weighted with cracked corn. He has a hand stitched scarf
with bells on it Sinclair the bear stands 12"
Sinclair can be yours for

Miss Milly the Prima Ballerina

Miss Milly is made of black velvet with contrasting foot pads and hand pads that have been stitched with black thread for separation of toes. She has a fluffy Tutu so to perform her ballet exercises. She has a sweet tuft of gray hair, glass eyes and an embroidered nose and mouth. 
Miss Milly can be yours for just $55.00 + shipping 

Meet Stitches, She is made of a teal velvet and covered with embroidery stitching all over. She has a ring of flowers embroidered around her head with glass eyes and eyelids too. She is fully jointed as are all of my bears. Stitches is stuffed with love and batting and cracked corn for weight.
Here she is, Stitches
Stitches can come live with you for just $65.00 + shipping

Baa Baa Was a Ewe

Here are two Woolly Ewes for for sale
They have an fuzzy woolly coat with hand stitched blankets  and scarves. One of them is carrying its daily supply of fire wood. Bodies are stuffed with acrylic batting sawdust and cracked corn for weight. Both have great personality and measure 11" x 7". The one Ewe with the sacks of woods head is painted black. The other one is black velvet with a white woolly coat.

 Black Velvet Ewe without wood sack


The Ewes sell for $45 each + shipping

Home is Where The Heart Is

This is a nice combination Penny rug/ Needle punch.

The rug portion of it is made of wool felt and the punch needle is on linen with cotton blend Valdani Threads. The entire piece measures 14" x 24" and the punch needle piece itself measures 14" x 12".
The tongues have little wooden hearts stitched on also and there is one little wooden heart stitched on top of the red needle punch heart.

This beautiful piece is for sale at
$125.00 + shipping

Thank you

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